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Egypt is considering , health and Mubarak Democracy Kevin Connolly BBC in Cairo, Hosni Mubarak looks like the end of his days “as a metaphor for the system he created.> Read more about BBC News

Florida asks: Democracy or voter purges Those who are “Error” intends to tell you that obviously Intericola citizen living in Broward County, the second most most democratic county in …. Read ‘s world

disabusing Democracy For the duration of their roots back to antiquity can be traced, is that democracy is in these days of reckless abandon processed. Each of … Read

Democracy in effect, Jersey style

democracy in effect, Jersey Style The good news is they say that the proposed merger of Rowan and Rutgers Camden is no cost to taxpayers this year. The bad news is that because they … Read Asbury Park Press
Myanmar says Suu Kyi ready to lead to democracy London / Oxford, England (Reuters) – Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, Britain on Tuesday he was ready to take … Read more about

Support in Egypt rare second chance for democracy in the U.S. for

Support In Egypt, a rare second chance for democracy in the U.S. for Egypt is at a crossroads. One way leads to chaos and civil war leads to another dictatorship. Since both sides very delegitimizing, but President Obama has … Read more about
Three primary spirits competitive Democracy go New York, usually one one-party town, deep in his own curious Arab spring. Read more about

Suu Kyi supporters cheered from the UK

applauded by supporters in Britain Suu Kyi pro-democracy activist who spent much of the next two decades under house arrest in Myanmar, their time will cost her two sons and a chance to be … Read more about
Greek parties try coalition agreement, saving the review New Democracy, PASOK left Democratic talking. * Have ruling coalition 179 seats from 300. By Renee Maltezou and Lefteris Papadimas , … Read more about