Letter: Weakened Democracy ?

Letter? Reduction Democracy thriving democracy should be participatory democracy. Restricting the rights aloud, wants to get seriously compromised documents and reduce access to early voting only democracy. Beware of those who love this country and believe in democracy … Read said Naples Daily News

Remember to follow democratic process There is a fundamental truth about our political system that seems to have been forgotten in these days of high bets playing with fire in Politics: Democracy is a process, not results. In a representative democracy like ours, how to achieve a result … Read Republic


Democracy in effect, Jersey style

democracy in effect, Jersey Style The good news is they say that the proposed merger of Rowan and Rutgers Camden is no cost to taxpayers this year. The bad news is that because they … Read Asbury Park Press
Myanmar says Suu Kyi ready to lead to democracy London / Oxford, England (Reuters) – Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, Britain on Tuesday he was ready to take … Read more about

Support in Egypt rare second chance for democracy in the U.S. for

Support In Egypt, a rare second chance for democracy in the U.S. for Egypt is at a crossroads. One way leads to chaos and civil war leads to another dictatorship. Since both sides very delegitimizing, but President Obama has … Read more about
Three primary spirits competitive Democracy go New York, usually one one-party town, deep in his own curious Arab spring. Read more about